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I did a road trip to South Africa a while ago with a couple of friends and had such an amazing time. It was also a rather short trip (for a destination so far from home) because I was short of time! However, with careful planning, we really managed to experience the key experiences of South Africa, such as getting to try its amazing local seafood, experience living in a wildlife safari, seeing animals really up close on safari game drives and explore amazing beaches, hike up famous peaks and visit famous landmarks such as Cape of Good Hope!

Coastal Adventures

We left Botlierskop game reserve on Wednesday noon for Mossel Bay and had our 584713th seafood platter hahha. With this roadtrip being a coastal drive, every meal is made up of seafood selections and I’m totally not complaining! What you get is definitely fresh from the sea and […]


Arrived in Capetown yesterday and I still can’t believe I’m here. This is the magic of flight. 10hrs in a special tube and there you are on a different continent. Amazing! We went to the Old Biscuit Mill yesterday and did the hike up to Lion’s Head in […]