5 Street Food to try when in Myeong-dong, Insa-dong Seoul

After my family and I booked our trip to Seoul, I spent a couple of months really researching on the things to eat there, and our itinerary was basically planned around local markets, and seriously, the must- tries in the capital of South Korea. I’m not a Korean skincare junkie, so I wasn’t super excited about the shopping (though I did compile a list of items to try and managed to get some affordable ones).

So here is the list of street food to try in Myeong-dong! Our Airbnb was about 15 minutes walk there so we went there a few times during our one- week stay.

A Scene from my dreams

I love street photography, only because every moment’s literally just a moment, a split second.¬†I like being able to capture a beautiful scene and have it last forever. The dreamer side of me appears to be writing this post today. And this one was caught in Florence,¬†earlier this […]

Where to Eat in Penang, Malaysia

I recently went for a short trip to Penang. While it was essentially only 2 full days, my friends and I ate so much, practically non-stop, from morning till night. So much Char Kway Teow. Can’t get enough of it for sure. We literally had it from breakfast till supper.

It was crazy.

But so, so good.