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Adventure of a Lifetime

Currently on my last full day in London, flying back early morning tomorrow, sobs!! This trip to London has been so amazing. Coming back after 3 years, I have new found feeling towards the city. It is way more exciting over here, but I’m starting to see the […]


I’ve been away for almost 2 months, and updating has been painfully slow. Sorry! I’m currently looking through several pictures I’ve taken about 4 years ago, and really, they make me cringe. I can’t even bear editing them and putting them onto the blog, but those are all […]

Wanaka Cycling, Amazing Mt Cook

Spent 2 peaceful nights in Wanaka after Queenstown madness. Had the most delicious cloudy bay clams and tiramisu at an Italian place called Francesca’s. Yum. Oh before I move on, just like to share something about Queenstown again. Very happy to claim that I’ve a better impression of […]

Kia ora

Hello from Kiwi land! Unlike the previous trip, I’ll be here for about 17 days, tramping and seeing more places down South! Currently staying in an Airbnb, about 15mins walk to the cardboard cathedral. Finally able to check out this beautiful work by Shigeru Ban. Visited Re:START mall […]

Hello World!

So the reason why I decided to start writing a blog is that I wanted a space to document my travels, and also to share my itineraries with my friends.¬†Often after coming back from a trip, I get requests to share my trip itineraries, but often times, I […]