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Next Plane Out

Where to, next?

I’ve just put up the post on Kepler track last week, took me about 4 days to write. I hope most of the details are covered,┬ásince it has been a couple of months back. I’m currently filtering out and reviewing the photos taken for the rest of the […]

Coastal Adventures

We left Botlierskop game reserve on Wednesday noon for Mossel Bay and had our 584713th seafood platter hahha. With this roadtrip being a coastal drive, every meal is made up of seafood selections and I’m totally not complaining! What you get is definitely fresh from the sea and […]


Arrived in Capetown yesterday and I still can’t believe I’m here. This is the magic of flight. 10hrs in a special tube and there you are on a different continent. Amazing! We went to the Old Biscuit Mill yesterday and did the hike up to Lion’s Head in […]

1 Week Solo Travel in South Island, New Zealand

In the early spring of September 2014, I decided to take a super spontaneous trip somewhere, but didn’t know where to. Work was absolutely draining at that point, and I told myself that I needed a break, no matter how little the days I could afford. And so, I applied for my leave a week before, booked my tickets, squeezed time out every night for about 5 days to plan, and I got my 5 days trip to South Island, New Zealand! Essentially minus off the flight, it was a 4 days 5 nights trip. It turned out to be one of the best breaks I’ve ever had thus far, and it’s this trip that made me love last minute trips even more.

Adventure of a Lifetime

Currently on my last full day in London, flying back early morning tomorrow, sobs!! This trip to London has been so amazing. Coming back after 3 years, I have new found feeling towards the city. It is way more exciting over here, but I’m starting to see the […]


I’ve been away for almost 2 months, and updating has been painfully slow. Sorry! I’m currently looking through several pictures I’ve taken about 4 years ago, and really, they make me cringe. I can’t even bear editing them and putting them onto the blog, but those are all […]