Food Options along the Tour du Mont Blanc

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I remember being excited about what type of food I’ll be eating while on the TMB. So I thought hmm, maybe some of you will keen to know about it before hitting the trail! It didn’t help that I couldn’t find a lot of information on this prior to my hike, so I winged it. Thankfully, I found food. Amazing, delicious, unexpectedly good food.

I mainly had all my meals at the refuges along the way, including purchasing the packed lunches they prepare for you to take out the next morning. However, I also purchased bread, ham and cheese and occasionally treats like chocolate and chips from supermarkets. Conveniently though, the campsites I stayed at were pretty near supermarkets so I was never really hungry on trail. I also had the chance to dine at restaurants in town like I did in Courmayeur and Champex. Overall, I’d say the food choices along the TMB are pretty varied and depending on what you like, you can choose to eat like a King or get your typical hiker meals. One advice I would give is to try a mix of all the possible options! The food at refuges such as Bonatti and Elisabetta are not to be missed. Whereas the pizza I had in Courmayeur was divine. I’m glad I tried them all.

Since I couldn’t find a lot of photos on the food found along the trail, I’ve decided to diligently document the food I tasted and put it here, if it helps anyone. But if you’d like to be surprised, then perhaps skipping this post would be better!

Food at the TMB Refuges

1. Rifugio Bonatti

Lunch: Tomato pasta was all they had left as we arrived rather late. This was so simple and delicious. The hot chocolate was good but I prefer the one at Rifugio Elisabetta.


Dinner: salad, soup, some eggy omelette with cabbage dish, potatoes and chocolate mousse for dessert. The chocolate mousse was delicious.

Breakfast: It was a buffet spread of juice, milk, coffee, jam, bread, cereal, yogurt and fruits.


Picnic Lunch: Delicious ham and cheese baguette, sweet bread, fruit and Bonatti chocolate.


2. Rifugio Elisabetta

Dinner: Do yourself a favour, book this hut and eat the food there. You won’t regret it! Especially after a super long hike from Bonhomme, this hut was an amazing treat. Plus, the hot shower brought such comfort, as the hot water facility was broken at Bonhomme(so no shower). I love their hot chocolate. It was so thick and delicious. For dinner, we had freakin canapés (yes, and wow I am still very impressed!), a super delicious vegetable risotto, a pork or chicken cutlet with french beans, and chocolate mousse for dessert. Dinner here was one of the most spectacular ones of all the other days. I remember everyone at the table was so full, but we fought hard to finish the meals because they were all too delicious to waste.

Breakfast: Compared to dinner, breakfast here was very simple, coffee with dry crispy bread and butter/jam.

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3. Refuge du col de la Croix du Bonhomme

Dinner: We had cheese, soup, pasta, beef stew, and chocolate cake for dessert. In terms of meals, my least favourite among the 3 refuges I stayed at. Nevertheless, it’s great for trail standards!

Restaurants and Cafes in Town


Lasagne in Champex


Delicious pizza in Courmayeur


When in Italy, eat Gelato! (in Courmayeur)


Chocolate bar from mbchocolat in Courmayeur


Delicious nectarines from a little shop in Courmayeur


Sweet jam cookie from the little shop in Les Contamines.



A coffee treat from the little shop in Les Contamines.

Supermarket DIY Food


I ate quite a bit of ham and cheese sandwiches on the trail on camping days!

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