3 Weeks WWOOF in Norway – Reflections

I have just arrived at my new farm this week(Monday) at Skarsholt and here are the things I’ve learnt from the past few weeks on farm life and the experience so far in general:

  1. Always set mutual expectations with your WWOOF host, or if you are WWOOF-ing with other members in the same farm and are given autonomy to finish a certain set of tasks, discuss among each other on who does what on a weekly basis, so no one gets left out in the action and experience. What I’ve learnt so far(unique because my first WWOOF farm was also hosting for the first time) is that this is crucial, and things don’t go unspoken. The later things gets discussed, the less pleasant the experience will be and the harder it is to bring it up later on(cos it’s too late and your host might think you are okay with things).
  2. Not that our experience with our first host was bad, but I just felt like my work plan can be known in advance so I can have some kind of preparation in my mind beforehand. And for new WWOOF-ers, I would suggest to go with hosts with experience in hosting.
  3. Be self- initiated when working on tasks. I think because WWOOF is volunteer work, most of the time the hosts are kind enough to let you decide how much work to do in a day. So far, my experience has been very flexible, such that you are requested to eat whenever you are hungry, rest when you are tired. Hence, the need to be motivated becomes necessary in order for you to get the best experience out of this. This is sort of a new thing to me, because in my life, work is usually assigned to me in a very fixed manner, and it’s not usually up to me to find a balance between work and rest. This  is something I am working on and this allows me so much space and time to think about what is true balance for me.

I will have more to write as the week goes! So far, WWOOF at Skarsholt has been fun, because there are finally more WWOOFers! Living in the house, we have 1 boy from Chicago(Paul), 1 German(Ananias), 1 French boy(Laurent) and 1 French girl(Clemence).

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