WWOOF Norway (Noresund) – Summer Farm in the Mountains

On Tuesday morning this week, we headed out to the summer farm of Bjorn and Veslemøy where the cows and goats will graze at during Jun till sometime August. Malina, the german girl who milks and makes cheese products there told us over dinner that the products produced on the mountains fetch a way higher price than the ones made at the farm below. I wonder how different the taste is like though.



The little water well where we get our water from.

It was about an hour drive followed by an hour of hike up to the cabin, our home for the night. It was surprisingly well- kept and cosy, with 2 sleeping platforms and a table for meals.


Our home for the night. For the farmers, its home for the next 2-3 months.


Cosy interior of the cabin


Shoes out.

We brought up some Knekkebrød (Norwegian Crisp Bread) and tube mayo of different flavours for lunch and went up to Malina’s for a simple dinner of rice, tomato sauce and instant tortellini. After collecting some firewood, we went back to the cabin and chilled away, while it started raining heavily. The thunderstorm hit 3 times and we felt the ground shaking! It was kinda scary. I was wondering if the lightning will hit the cabin and start a fire. Thank god it didn’t. We slept at about 9pm as there wasn’t much to do and we got tired from the work in the day.


Dried crisp bread for lunch. Our daily staple ever since arriving to Norway!


Salami and various types of tube mayonnaise.






Dinner – Our first rice meal since arriving in Norway! It felt close to home.


Outside Malina’s summer ‘home’ and the little cheese making facility.


We had dinner outside.


It never gets too dark in Norwegian summer, so a candle was enough to light up the cabin.


We spent the afternoon rolling the electric fences around the mountain farm and man, it was a lot of scrambling up and down the forest. It was fun, though a little scary at times.

The next morning, we went to Malina’s for breakfast super early at 7am. I felt like I didn’t sleep at all because of the squeeze in bed and also because I dreamt through the night. After which, we collected more firewood for the winter, and soon, awaited the summer farm animals to come up. They came at about 12pm and we guided the cows up the mountain. It was so fun and in the moment, I didn’t realise how fast we hiked up again as the cows, being animals, took the shorter but steeper route up through the forest. Unfortunately, I got cut by a stupid tree branch on the way up and decided to take it slow after.


Soon after, we headed back down at about 3pm, back home. Stopped by Kiwi for a while to get some coke, chips and salsa to celebrate going back home with a nice hot shower.

The temperature has dropped by 10 degrees from last week. It’s been wet and cold almost daily now and apparently we were told this is the real Norwegian summer weather. I think I need to buy waterproof pants before heading to the next farm!


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