WWOOF Norway Day 3 and 4 – Delicious Norwegian home food and some farm work!

On Sunday, it was the annual konfirmasjon (coming of age) ceremony for all 15 year olds in the area, so the family invited us to go check it out since it is a rather unique and traditional event. The church was located at a beautiful lake front and many women were dressed in the traditional norwegian costume, also known as bunad. Ingvild said every region in Norway has its own style so that was quite interesting to observe.


Anyways, we went to the supermarket for groceries, and afterwhich, Sunday is pretty much a rest day. Ingvild made a delicious meatloaf, meatballs and potatoes platter for lunch and it was delicious. So far, all her meals have been very delicious.


The usual things for breakfast and sometimes dinner.


Crispy Knekkebrød.


Delicious salad and lasagne


Rice pudding with cream, served with gooseberry sauce.


Delicious sweet apple- rice pudding. The white thing on top is whisked egg whites with sugar. The apples were from the trees in the garden, from last winter. Ingvild says we have to clear the apples before autumn to make space for the new batch. The rice pudding used was leftovers from yesterday’s lunch. I love that leftovers are used in such delicious ways!


Tacos from Tacos Friday.


Delicious boiled potatoes with caramelised onions, beans, carrots and meatloaf.


Delicious stew for today’s lunch, made with yesterday’s leftover meatloaf lunch!


The usual breakfast platter.


Ice cream with fruits.

This morning was the official first day of farm work. We started the day planting seeds at the farm. The seeds planted were of Dil, Ringblomst(English Marigold) and Kornblomst(Cornflower). Afterwhich, we had a light sandwich lunch at 11.30am, and took a break time till about 1.30pm. As the sun has been hot these days, we spent time in the shades harvesting fresh green mint. Then, it was dinner time at 4pm where we had a delicious meatloaf and vegetable stew followed by rice pudding and apple dessert. It”s Lydia’s husband, Roy’s birthday today, so we are having a little celebration for him later. Cakes! 🙂



Resting on the makeshift water tank with grandpa Asbjørn. I wish I know some Norwegian so we can communicate better!

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