WWOOF Norway Day 1 & 2

Greetings from Norway! I just arrived in Oslo 2 days ago for my first WWOOF experience. Took a bus to Hønefoss and then to Noresund to my first farm. The scenery here is beautiful and surroundings so peaceful. So far, Lydia and her family has been so welcoming. As we arrived on a Friday, we got to eat tacos for dinner, which is their family tradition every friday. Apparently, Ulavonya said tacos is becoming very popular with Norwegian recently. He showed us around the neighbours farm, such as the cow farm owned by Bjorn, also where he works at everyday.

Ingvild (Grandma) has been very kind cooking for us all the meals. I love eating Knekkebrød (crispy bread) with cheese and ham for breakfast. It’s delicious and fun to eat.

Due to jetlag, we have been feeling sleepy every 5 or 6pm since arriving to Norway. Hopefully we will settle in soon in a few days’ time!

It is Saturday today. We did some weeding in the morning. Had some sweet Norwegian porridge for light lunch after. Heading to the lake soon. Grandma will bring us to Hilde’s farm later. I’ve been hearing she is a wonderful farmer. Looking forward to meet her and see what she does at the farm!



Grandma Ingvild showing us around the farm this morning


They planted a tree each time a baby is born. Each child in the Sønsteby family has a tree.


Breakfast this morning.


Grandpa Asbjørn teaching us how to plow and remove weeds. He is very fit for his age! Amazing.


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