Review: Hakodate’s Lucky Pierrot! Featuring Largest Outlet in Nanae- cho

When I was planning my trip to Hakodate in Hokkaido, a restaurant kept popping up as a top recommended place to try! Firstly, I was amused by its name. It sounds so unique at first, and I really had no idea what they served. After doing a quick google search, I found out that Lucky Pierrot is actually famous for its burgers, and is only found in Hakodate! Not even in Tokyo!

Its unique retro decor is already enough reason to visit and try their food!

To clarify though, Lucky Pierrot is not fast food It is a themed- restaurant serving amazing freshly made comfort food that everybody loves — adults or children!

Here’s a quick 5 min video we took 🙂

Lucky Pierrot Hakodate – 17 Outlets

Lucky Pierrot has a total of 17 outlets in Hakodate, and each outlet has its own theme, other than it’s overarching ‘retro circus’ concept! We were so happy to have visited outlets with themes such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Angels and Movies! It was actually very fun to guess the theme every time we enter a different store.

On our 4 nights stay in Hakodate, we managed to visit 5 stores (sadly not all, as what I would have liked!) and each visit was so fun AND DELICIOUS. Do you know that there are more Lucky Pierrot chains in Hakodate than Mcdonalds?

You can easily find an outlet by exploring the main attractions around Hakodate. We sure did!

We stayed one night in Nanae- cho, and to our surprise, we were actually right next to the largest Lucky Pierrot outlet in Hakodate! We arrived at night, so upon seeing a gigantic store with neon lights shining all over, it really felt like encountering an oasis in the middle of a desert. Nanae- cho seems to be a very residential, country- side area. So this was totally unexpected!

Click here for the complete list of Lucky Pierrot Outlets and themes! I’ve also listed them out with pictures.

Lucky Pierrot Menu

The menu has both English and Japanese printed on it, so you won’t have to solely rely on pictures. They have a ranking for each category of food from Burgers, Omelette rice, Hamburg Steak and so on, so you can safely rely on that if you are unable to make your choice!

The prices are very affordable, with their most famous item, the Chinese Chicken Burger going at only JPY 350 (USD $3.30). So worth it! The popular set with drink and fries is only JPY 650 (USD 6.30)! On our visits, we also tried the Hamburg Steak, Gravy Fries, Lucky Egg Burger, Beef croquette, Chinese Chicken Spaghetti and their Goma (Sesame) milkshake!

What to Order at Lucky Pierrot

I know many people and blogs recommend their number one favourite item in the store, that is, the Chinese Chicken Burger.

Well for me, it is, for sure, the Chinese Chicken Burger. That, alone, is WORTH THE TRIP DOWN TO HAKODATE! Haha. The chicken is deep fried but not dripping with oil, yet juicy on each bite. And it is coated with a sweet, savoury sauce.

Can’t best describe it in words, but it is so, so delicious.

Every item there is made to order, and I’ve heard that they do not use frozen meat!


Chinese Chicken Burger – I really love everything about it. The crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, sour and sweet mayonnaise and soft, chewy sesame buns!


Gravy Fries – So classic, creamy, and delicious.


Yakisoba with Chinese Chicken! Anything with Chinese chicken is yummy.


Meat Croquette – This was rather ordinary though.


Chinese Chicken curry rice! This is so good.

Here are the must- try items at Lucky Pierrot by popular ranking:

  1. Chinese Chicken Burger
  2. Lucky Egg Burger
  3. Tonkatsu Burger
  4. Lucky Cheeseburger
  5. Special Raw Bacon Egg Burger
  6. Hakodate mountain hamburger
  7. Hijikata Kozo scallop burger
  8. Hokkaido Genghis Khan Burger
  9. The original animal Futosho burger
  10. Squid dancing burger

Funny photo. Apparently the Chinese Chicken Burger is the size of an iPhone! Hahaha.


Prior to trying Lucky Pierrot, I have never went to a restaurant consecutively for 5 days! This is just prove to how much I really love this place. So please do yourself a kind favour, and head down to Hakodate to try it! It is probably difficult to choose an outlet from the 17 listed above though! I would love to visit every stall someday. That is my goal when visiting Hakodate next time!

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