Tiny Houses – Would you live in one?

I’ve been obsessed with tiny houses since about a year ago, when I chanced upon a youtube video of a law student who built his own tiny house in order to avoid paying steep rentals. The whole idea then was just so new to me, I thought it would just be another one of those hipster type lifestyle living that wouldn’t be practical enough to last. But after watching the whole thing, I started searching for more tiny house videos, and I haven’t really stopped thinking about them since.

I want to live in a tiny house.

Here’s the video that started it all.

I was so amazed by how much space can be ‘created’ out of corners I never knew could exist, and the creative means of designing furniture and fixtures like hanging/removal staircases to make for flexible, changeable layouts to a living space. Having a tiny space to work with also meant that every item that sits in there has to have a very practical purpose or function to it. I really love the idea of this. The best part is, most tiny houses are built mobile on trailers, so it’s actually every traveller’s dream house.

 Credits: Google Images Credits: Google Images

This tiny house sits within a forest:

While this isn’t one of those typical tiny, rustic houses, I really love the huge glass windows. So much green and light!

But the most ‘luxurious’ tiny house I’ve seen is the one here:

Sitting on top of a mountain, built out of granite, I just love how organic and rustic the whole house feels. It’s almost like you’re living inside a mountain. And there’s so much reclaimed wood being used. One thing I really love about tiny houses is actually the fact that you can see the wood being used on all corners. And actually I’d imagine the process of building the house would be a rather personal one, since it’s all about personal needs and customisation.

Most unique tiny house – converted from a grain silo:

This is an absolutely unique take tiny house living. This newlywed couple built their tiny house converted from a grain silo. So the entire house is shaped like a cylinder, and the interior is so modern and cosy, looks nothing like the cold white exterior. And outdoor showers are always the best kind to have!

A japanese tiny house:

When I chanced upon this video, cheesy enough, origami came to mind. Because it’s Japanese (Haha).

I think the concept of fitting everything nicely into place is kind of like making origami. A square piece of paper can look so different, depending on how one folds it. Just like an ordinary tiny container can be transformed into something pretty beautiful and unique with thoughtful and personal customisation.

I think it’s easy to see that the various tiny houses I’ve picked out above are all so different from each other. The owners live vastly different lifestyles, and is represented by the type of tiny house they own.  Although I am not a home owner right now(Just a room to call my own), I feel that a house should be unique, or at the very least, have a personality, representing the people who live in it. I guess it’s especially important for people like me who love hanging out at home(as much as being in the outdoors). A living space is important, and I believe it affects how you feel every morning when you wake up. It is not uncommon to find houses in urban cities looking almost like any other, because everyone takes reference from the same furniture catalogues. And building a tiny house from scratch allows so much freedom for customisation.

How much to build one?

The price to build a tiny house ranges from USD 8 000 to USD 25 000. If you get a contractor to build it for you, prices are generally from USD 20 000. Most of the cost savings would come from building it from scratch by yourself, and sourcing for reclaimed materials, from wood, to doors, tables and windows. I’ve read that windows could be really costly to purchase, so it’s often better to first source them from secondhand stores, and then build the house frame to fit the window you have. There are several workshops available in places where the tiny house community is strong in, such as America and Canada. I’d hope to go for one someday soon and build my own!

Prior to building one yourself, it is recommended to buy a house plan.

 Credits: Google Images Credits: Google Images

Sample of a breakdown of costs:

Trailer: USD 4 000

Wood stove: USD 4 000

Windows: USD 3 000

Lumber: USD 3 000

Solar System: USD 2 500

Compost toilet: USD 800

Shower: USD 350

Lighting: USD 400

Door and roofing: USD 1 000

Floor: USD 250

Kitchen sink and Stove: USD 400

Lights: USD 300

Stovetop: USD 150

Many people who have built their own tiny house recommended on reclaimed materials to save cost, so the above could end up being halved. There was one particular house which was only built at a cost of USD 8 000, as the owner bought most materials off Craigslist, including the trailer, which was only USD 1 200!

 Credits: Google Images Credits: Google Images

Tiny Houses communities

There are several states in America tiny house communities, and Boneyard studios in Washington is probably quite well established as of now. Tiny houses communities can also be found in Texas, California, Oregon, Florida, Colorado and many more. Tiny house living is also quite popular in Canada, and there are even several tiny house festivals held every year to showcase tiny houses and inspire more to join the movement.

 Boneyard Studios. Credits: Google Images Boneyard Studios. Credits: Google Images

Where to stay in one – tiny house hotel, airbnb

If you are interested in staying in a tiny house, but not ready to buy or build on yourself yet, there are a few ways to book a ready- made one! There’s a Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon that has 6 different types of tiny houses for visitors to try! I would love to stay there someday. Every house is so unique and it kind of looks like a quirky whimsical village all together!

On Airbnb, there are several incredible tiny house listings around the world that I’d really hope to try someday!

1) Olympia, Washington

 Credits: Airbnb Credits: Airbnb

2) Castlemaine, VIC, Australia

 Credits: Airbnb Credits: Airbnb

3) Gasquet, California

 Credits: Airbnb Credits: Airbnb

4) Oakland, California

 Credits: Airbnb Credits: Airbnb

5) Victoria, BC, Canada

 Credits: Airbnb Credits: Airbnb

Would you live in a tiny house?

I can’t wait to try it out myself!

 Credits: Google Images Credits: Google Images

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