My Newbie Hiking Gear List – Updated 2018!

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This is my current hiking gear as of now. I don’t have an extensive list because I always like to keep things that I use most of the time (and sell the others away). I’m still a relatively new hiker and I only go for hiking trips 2 or times a year, so what I have is a mix of good, solid gear together with budget and unique ones. Check out my hiking pants and you’ll know what I mean, haha 😉

Weight is my biggest priority when it comes to hiking, after learning from my first ever long distance hike in NZ. Secondly, I choose my gear based on its value and quality via online reviews from experts and users.

Coming from a warmer climate (Singapore), I also try to prepare for cold weather much more than my peers in Europe(lower threshold for cold!) , so cold weather gear is also extremely important for me. As much as I love snow and the beauty it brings, I would rather hike in extreme heat than cold. Haha.

That said, my gear list is constantly being reviewed each time I plan for my next hike. My next goal is to go ultra- light, and perhaps try doing away with my tent, and sleep in a bivy sack someday!

If you are new to hiking and wondering what items to pack and what considerations to have, check out my other blogpost here: Beginner Hiking Tips! How to Plan for your First Hike (2018)



Montbell Cha-Cha Pack 35 L Women’s backpack

I bought this backpack in 2017, and used it for my Tour du Mont Blanc hike! A lady at one of the campsites was amazed I could fit my tent and everything else inside this 35 litres pack. I’m loving this piece of gear so far.



Altra Lone Peak 3.0

I’ve always wanted to try out Altra shoes, especially the Lone Peak, after reading reviews from hikers of the PCT. I finally got my hands on it recently at REI garage sale, and am very excited to bring it out to trail! I love the zero drop and cushioning so far.


Brooks Women’s Cascadia 10 Midnight/Purple Cactus Flower

Bought this in 2015 for hiking after my New Balance gave way. I’ve worn this to hike in the summer and winter (on snow) and it has served me so well. I’d recommend pairing this with crampons for snow hiking (Something I haven’t tried because I didn’t think to bring my crampons for the TMB)! I use this for casual jogging as well. One of my best purchases ever.



Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra

Haven’t got to use it, but based on Amazon reviews, it should be pretty useful on snowy trails! Can’t wait to try it out.

Base layer


Montbell Super Merino Wool Round Neck Shirt Womens

For all base layers, you can never go wrong with Merino wool. This is a must- have practical gear.

Fleece Jacket


Patagonia Women’s R2® Regulator® Fleece Jacket

What turned out to be a spontaneous purchase at Patagonia Tokyo turned out to be one of my favourite gear investments. As its name suggests, this beautiful fleece helps to regulate body heat so well on the trail. The thing about hiking in cold weather is that we need to be warm, yet, the weather changes a lot, and when we move our bodies, sweating is inevitable. This sweater allows very good breathability, and I was so amazed by its moisture- wicking functionality. The sweat just wicks out of from underneath, allowing them to be evaporated from the surface. A tad expensive, but I did not regret this purchase at all.

Shell Jacket


Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket – Womens

I took a long, long time researching for a good shell layer, and thankfully, made the right choice on the Patagonia Torrentshell. Priced rather affordably compared to other shells from Arc’teryx,  Helly Hansen or Outdoor Research, I have tried and tested its waterproofing and breathability on trail and it hasn’t let me down once. It is a very good piece of gear.

I also received several compliments on the colour! It’s not my usual scheme (Forest green is usually my to- go haha), but somehow I just felt like I have to get it in this colour.

Lightweight Windbreaker


Cotopaxi Teca Windbreaker (Full-Zip)

I’ve been a follower of Cotopaxi for a while before making my first purchase. And to be honest, I was first attracted to the design and alternative materials they use on their products. As I got to learn more about the brand, I thought that it was really cool to support a sustainable outdoor brand that actively works towards alleviating poverty in the world. That said, I bought this super lightweight and funky- looking windbreaker as a birthday present for myself a few years ago, and I always pack along for an extra layer whenever I need it!


  1. Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail™ II Stretch Convertible Pants

My first ever hiking pants that has served me through a few hikes and wet weather. It’s water and stain- repellent! Columbia’s gears are generally of decent quality and prices.

2. Uniqlo Legging Pants

Non- waterproof, but super stretchy and comfy! You must be wondering who on earth wears Uniqlo for hiking? Well, me! I have 2 of the same design in black, and both have some tear on them. Still loving them, still wearing them on my hikes! Super affordable (Only about $20 a pair), and comfortable.



Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 1 Tent – 1 Person, 3 Season

A tad pricey, but I’d swore to go ultra- light on my tent. Tents and sleeping bags tend to be the 2 heaviest items every long- distance hiker needs to carry. And I’m thankful I made the decision to purchase this 1-P tent from campsaver.com (they were literally having a sale!). I can also set up this freestanding tent in less than 5 minutes! A few people at a campsite were amazed by how fast I could set up camp. I think this is my favourite hiking gear so far.

Trekking Poles


Mountainsmith Carbonlite Pro Trekking Poles, Slate

I bought this off Amazon based on it’s weight, reviews and price, but didn’t know they can’t fully collapse to fit into my backpack. If I have to buy a new pole, I will not choose this again though.

Sleeping Bag


TETON Sports Tracker 5F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

I bought this to prepare for camping in the cold, and for that, this sleeping bag definitely saved me( It works up till 5 Degrees Fahrenheit). However, it weighs at 4.1lbs, and is currently the heaviest item in my pack! I am definitely working towards an ultra- light sleeping bag.

Electronic chargers


  1. RAVPower 15W Solar Charger with Dual USB Port

    I’ve only used this once on one of my long distance hikes, but didn’t have many opportunities to really make use of it as I relied on my powerbank most of the time. It was fun though!

  2. Xiaomi Powerbank 10000mAh power bank

    With 1 full charge, this managed to charge my Xiaomi phone and Sony A7 on a 4D3N hiking trip, so I’m majorly pleased with it! It’s definitely much more convenient than a solar charger.


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