Roadtrip USA West Coast: Yosemite National Park


Of all the places we stopped by throughout the road trip, I was most excited about Yosemite. So after a nights’ stay at Mammoth Lakes, we drove about an hour and arrived at Yosemite Valley, where our accommodation was at. As we planned the trip rather late, we were kind of lucky to have stayed 2 nights at Camp Curry.

It was August when we were there, right in the middle of the American summer holiday. So the entire park was quite crowded. The sights were beautiful though. I wished we had more time to see more, but at least we got to hike up the Mist Trail (to Vernal and Nevada Falls), drive up to Glacier Point for sunset, stop by Tunnel View, Olmsted Point, Tuolumne Meadows and Mirror Lake.


Tuolumne Meadows

Olmsted Point

Hiking the Mist Trail – Vernal and Nevada Falls

Tunnel View – Day & Night

Glacier Point – Sunset


Mirror Lake

Accommodation at Camp Curry, Food and Getting around

We stayed at the tented cabins in Camp Curry. These are with shared bathroom access, but overall I would say that the cleanliness is good. In fact I felt that the public facilities in the park was generally very clean, surprisingly during such peak season.

Food wise, the valley had a few cafes, a pizza shop and a pretty huge food court serving decent food. The giant visitor centre souvenir shop was also my favourite. It was huge! (And I love souvenir shops in general lol).

Transportation wise, do check out the Yosemite Valley Shuttle System which is free for all visitors, to some of the more popular areas within the park. The buses were quite frequent when we were there so it was quite convenient to get around.

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