Roadtrip USA West Coast: Los Angeles, California

In the summer of 2015 my friend and I took a road trip to explore the West Coast. I flew into LA and we began from there. I hadn’t visited America before so I was pretty excited to see to see the country with fresh eyes. My only impression of the states only came from hollywood tv shows, and I’d never thought I would get the chance to visit so soon. The flight was about 18 hours, with a transit in Narita airport. I slept most of it, had a terrible hangover over drinking whisky for the first time(ew, never again).

The cafes in LA were really good. Or rather, I think yelp’s recommendations were pretty spot on. Comparing prices to Singapore, the quality is so much better for roughly the same prices.

My first stop was to the cheesecake factory. And no, I didn’t try any cheesecakes there because I wasn’t really hungry on arrival that day. I know I didn’t do any justice whatsoever. I need to go back! We had some pasta and sandwich mains to share for dinner.


Don’t they look so yummy? (Cheesecake spam right below).

I remember the next couple of days I had one of the best beef hashes (-eggs benedict combo) at a nearby cafe. It was so good. I really love the quality of the food and the generous food servings.

I also got to visit China town and had legit bubble tea. The Boiling Crab was kinda nice, but I would say I prefer asian style cooking for seafood. All I could remember tasting was chilli… and oil.

Had Pad Thai at a pretty legit shop. The thai iced tea was so good.

I didn’t visit Hollywood Boulevard so I can’t quite give an accurate review of LA, but overall I feel that having a car is very necessary to get around there. The food variety is pretty excellent i.e Asian, Western selections are easily available. However, I feel that that it seems to be just another city, so it was rather boring for me. There’s tons of comparisons between LA with SFO, of which city is more fun to visit. I have a feeling San Francisco will be more fun although I haven’t been there! Someday, though!

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