Roadtrip USA West Coast: Kernville

The trip to Kernville was originally intended as just a pass-through, to get to the giant Sequoias / Sequoia National Forest. So falling in love with it was completely unexpected.

Located in the South of the Sierra Nevada, all I can describe about the place is that it’s a classic American small town. Based on information online, its population size is only barely over a thousand. Yes, super small.

I love all things old and vintage, so apart from staying there for 2 nights, we also returned (en route back to LA) for lunch stopover at a super old- school American diner(Cracked Egg Cafe). Well needless to say, it was so local(and White) that when my friend and I entered the shop, we got pretty curious stares. Didn’t feel offended in any way so I didn’t really care. Plus I love the food! Greasy meat, eggs, potatoes. Standard recipe for all- time comfort yums.

By the way, on this road trip through California, so much time was spent on the road. But the views were interesting. We stopped by Lake Isabella for a bit. But the summer heat was kind of hard to bear even for just 15 minutes.

Accommodation wise, we stayed at an airbnb in Kernville, which was okay, except that the sheet were not the cleanest (unknown stains). Other than that, the host was really nice and prepared a fruit basket and some breakfast.

Massive photo post ahead!

We did a nearby hike in the area. But only for a short while, as the dark clouds started appearing about an hour or so.

Dinner was at THAT’S ITALIAN and man, it was bad Italian. It should be renamed ‘THAT’S NOT ITALIAN’ lol.

I had gnocchi and some calamari to share. I don’t even know what I was eating. It was so bad.


Luckily, we had breakfast at Cracked Egg Cafe. That place serves an amazing meat hash. The meat omelette was also super good and satisfying. We went there twice and I still miss it!


I love the antique buildings and little shops. There were a few antique shops that I went to and managed to get some cheap vinyls! I think they were only USD 1 each.

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