Roadtrip USA West Coast: Giant Sequoias – Trail of 100 Giants

 Picture Credits: Google Images

Picture Credits: Google Images

I first read about the Giant Sequoia trees a few years ago in a National Geographic magazine. I remember it was a cover of a guy hanging from an enormous tree and when I saw it I was just so amazed and never thought such huge trees even exist.

My goal for the US road trip was to visit as many national parks as possible, as it was during the time that I started getting really into the outdoors, national parks, hiking and all that. So naturally, I pinned it on the to- go list, pretty eager to finally see these giant trees.

So after staying in Kernville for a couple of nights, we drove an hour and a half north to Camp Nelson and stayed at our next airbnb, situated right within the forest. The plan was to head to the Trail of 100 Giants and also hike up to the Dome Rock, where the view was so unexpectedly beautiful. My friend and I were the only ones there and it was around sunset, so I really enjoyed the still and quiet.

Trail of 100 Giants

Dome Rock

Overall, I recommend a visit to the Giant Sequoias as the view of the trees is pretty magnificent. I also loved our airbnb located in Camp Nelson, which offered us so much peace and tranquility. It was one of the most unique accommodations I’ve ever stayed in. Our host, Paula, was nice to chat with us, and made us breakfast too.

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