15 Must- Try Food Items in Tokyo(2018)!

Most people visit a place for it’s culture, history and food. Well, to me, Japan has a perfect combination of all 3 of these. I have been to Japan 4 times, and every time before I go, I will always prepare a list of food I want to eat there, and somehow, the list just gets longer each time and I usually don’t even get to try all of them on my trips -_-. Here’s a list of food items/places that I have carefully selected as my MUST- EATS for Tokyo.

I hope you are ready for this? Let’s go! Items are ordered by priority (must- try)(‘1’ being the most delicious).

Where to Eat in Tokyo

1.Kagetsudo Melon pan in Asakusa – Forget the other shops. Kagetsudo serves the BEST melon pan. Get the original flavour, then move on to try the ice cream version if you have extra space!


2. Menchi Katsu – Asakusa Menchi is located in Asakusa, where I had my first ever fried minced meat cutlet. And man, it was shockingly amazing. Going at 200 Yen per piece, it’s one of the most delicious, satisfying street food I’ve ever had. Juicy, crispy, flavourful and very meaty. So so good!


3. Jiro Ramen – Famous for it’s incredibly generous amount of toppings, such as meat, cabbage, beansprouts, garlic. It’s soup is very thick and deeply flavourful. Best to go when you are hungry and craving for a hearty bowl of ramen!


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4. Sushi Dai / Daiwa sushi – Ok here’s the thing. I queued for 2.5 hours in the early morning. Located in Tsukiji, it’s the best nigiri sushi I’ve ever had, but it depends on whether you are willing to queue for that long though! The sushi served was glistening, fresh, of a totally different taste from what I usually have. It’s pretty amazing. The miso soup served was also of a different grade, and I think they added clams to make the soup taste extra sweet.


5. Tsukemen Enji Kichijoji – Located in one of Tokyo’s most liveable neighbourhoods, Kichijoji, this shop serves an amazing Tsukemen (dipping- style ramen) with it’s flavourful thick sauce and thick, chewy noodles. What’s best is that the thick soup is refillable for free, and it is DELICIOUS on its own. I finished my noodles with 2 extra servings of soup!


6. Edo Monja Hyotan Monjayaki in Asakusa – Most people describe it as a ‘sticky’ type of okonomiyaki, and it originates from Tokyo! I went to a shop in Asakusa which allows you to fry your own Monjayaki, and I loved it! The trick is to cook till the bottom is a little hardened, and then use the metal spatula to scrap it off the hot pan. It’s really yummy and fun to eat too!


7. Sushi Cho – Located in the famed Tsukiji fish market, this shop serves sushi from only 80 Yen per piece! It’s super worth it and the sushi quality is amazing given the price.

8. MAISEN Tonkatsu Tokyo (Fried Meat Cutlet) – If you love fried meat, Tonkatsu is something you cannot miss having when in Japan.

9. Iriyama Senbei (Rice Cracker dipped with Soy Sauce) – Oldest senbei shop in Asakusa. Also, it’s the best senbei I’ve ever had. The shop makes and serves freshly baked soy sauce senbei fresh to customers!


10. Mentsu-dan Udon – Chewy, thick cut noodles. Japanese locals love to eat this in the hot summer, but I beg to differ. I love eating udon any time of the year!

11. Ichiran Ramen – I don’t think I need to say much about the famous Ichiran ramen! Originated from Hakata, Fukuoka, besides its delicious tonkotsu (Pork- broth) noodle soup, Ichiran is probably also most well- known for its individual eating booths, which makes it a rather unique dining experience.


12. Strawberry Daifuku – From anywhere you can find! It’s a popular street food snack, should be easy to locate. Tsukiji fish market has a good stall selling 3 different flavours of Daifuku.


13. Freshness Burger – Healthy and delicious burgers. Felt almost guilt- free!


14. Kisaburo Farm – They have an amazing Tamago Kake Gohan(TKG) buffet only at 730 Yen! If you don’t already know, TKG is basically raw egg eaten with white rice. It’s delicious and I love eating it for breakfast.

15. Ramen Yamaguchi – If you’d like to try a Chicken- based soup ramen, this is must- visit! Made from 100% chicken stock, the ramen also comes with Pork slices, bamboo shoots and noodles which are just how I like them — Chewy! Located in Shinjuku, it makes a good lunch or dinner stop after a day of sightseeing and shopping.

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