Glencoe, Scotland – Of Haggis, Whisky and Scottish Highlands

The decision to go to Glencoe was actually a rather impulsive one. I’d booked a trip to London for 2 weeks, but as usual, I’d wanted to get more out of the 13 hour flight time from Singapore to the ‘other side’ of the world. I remember booking the Caledonian sleeper train ticket at midnight a couple of weeks before the trip, kind of excited and not sure what to expect.

After spending a week in London, I took the night train, also known as the Caledonian sleeper train from London Euston. I’ve never taken a night train before so it was quite exciting! It was also nice to have an entire cabin to myself.

The train journey had a stop in Glasgow, but the stopover was really short, and the sun wasn’t out yet so I didn’t see much. The next train brought me to Fort William.

On arrival in Fort William, I took a bus transfer and reached Glencoe in about 30 minutes. I guess I was there in an absolute lull season, as the entire YHA seemed to only have myself and 2 other backpackers around.

A friend once told me that Black pudding is the most delicious food he’s ever had in England, and so on this trip I was on the hunt for this traditional and iconic Scottish delicacy. I ordered it during breakfast at Glencoe Cafe, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. It wasn’t disgusting as some people would put it, but neither was it mindblowing. I vaguely remember that it’s quite greasy. Haha. It’s made up of blood and pork fat anyway.

Afterwhich, I took a random stroll around the quiet village.

The colours of autumn were pretty apparent along the way to Clachaig Inn. The daylight was really short (Sunrise at 8am, sunset at 3.30pm), so I savoured as much of it as I could. Rain drizzled down quite a bit during my stay, which was quite a pity.

Dinner was at Clachaig Inn, and I had none other than Whisky and Haggis! Haggis is basically a ‘pudding’ made up of sheep’s heart, oatmeal, suet(beef or mutton fat), spices and salt, encased in sheep’s stomach. Hmm, that’s quite a bit to digest, isn’t it? Between Haggis and Blood pudding, I prefer the latter much, much more. Sadly, I can’t really appreciate whisky (or strong alcoholic drinks, in general) too, so I kind of wasted that glass of whisky. Heh. But hey, I finished that dessert!

I woke early on my last day here and explored more of the area, before heading back to Fort William to catch the sleeper train.

Fort William’s actually a nice little town, that would be great to stay a couple of days in too. Compared to Glencoe, it’s definitely much more populated, more touristy with shopping available in the main street. I managed to get a Harris Tweed satchel on special discount (by the shop owner). Kind of pays to visit on off- peak season I guess!

Dinner on the last night was at Cobbs at Nevisport, and it was a Venison and Stilton pie with neeps and tatties(Scottish term for turnips and potatoes).

It was indeed a very short stay in Glencoe/Fort William, and at a very off-peak season. I would love to be back again in spring or summer to see a different side of this little town!


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