A Scene from my dreams

I love street photography, only because every moment’s literally just a moment, a split second. I like being able to capture a beautiful scene and have it last forever. The dreamer side of me appears to be writing this post today.

And this one was caught in Florence, earlier this month. It was like a scene somewhere from my dreams, that appeared right in front of my eyes. It’s not exactly like Déjà vu, I don’t know how to explain this feeling in words.

I remember walking into Piazza della Signoria, feeling kind of dizzy at that time due to the sheer crowd. But as I turned to look at the corner, I saw this almost perfect, almost staged scene along the steps of the Loggia dei Lanzi – people, beautifully arranged. And there, a mime artist who was seemingly taking a break, with a friend(or a curious tourist) on his right. I took the inevitable snap, and he took the inevitable stare into my lens… He’s probably just in shock, nothing more to it (Or nothing at all, might be just the paint).

There’s something about this photo that borders between fantasy and the real world. It’s not everyday that I get inspired to go crazy with my perceptions. I face mundanity all the time, and things are usually what they are.

Well, but they say the photographer shoots whatever she wants to create. Overthinking is what I do best. There’s no limit to make- believe.

These moments are so rare to me, and it was probably the second time so far that I’ve felt this way about a photo, on how it was shot and understood after. It’s slightly confusing but in a good way.


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