Tour du Mont Blanc Day 10 – Tre-Le-Champ to Chamonix

Finally. The day has come. The final day of Tour du Mont Blanc. I really love Refuge La Boerne by the way. It’s a quirky looking place with tiny surprises at every corner(tiny 1-person rooms at the corners of a ceiling etc). Plus the staff were friendly and warm. So I woke up at about 6.50am and headed down for breakfast at 7.30am, together with the Canadian couple and Mother-Daughter combo Annette and Michelle. They are a hilarious bunch.

Headed out at about 8am and up we went. Mid-way, I heard some footsteps behind me and saw Emmanuel. The amazing person who did the TMB more than 100 times. Along the way it started snowing so heavily again, and we saw Ibexes, finally!

At about 10am the long-awaited ladder section was in sight. I was quite nervous yet excited. The metal was cold and I really tried my best to avoid looking down. It was really one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. Arrived at Lac Blanc(2352m) at about 12pm, covered in heavy snow. Had a quick lunch and we descended down the snow-covered mountain. After countless switchbacks, we were finally back in Chamonix.

3 countries, 10,000m of total ascend, 170km of walk, in 10 days. It’s by far the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life. My feet(and left thigh) are so sore, but I am so happy to have made it. I’ve met so many amazing people along the way. Trail people are the best. The weather has been snowy, wet, hot, I’m pretty glad to have been through so much varied changes. Wouldn’t have done this any other way.

What an adventure it has been!

Photos of the day (with caption):




I think it was a family of ibexes. Saw them before climbing the ladders.


Really didn’t expect to be climbing these scary ladders in snow.




Lac Blanc. I was expecting to see a milky blue lake but because of the snow, it looked completely different, but equally beautiful.



Had my lunch break outside Refuge du La Blanc.


Another beautiful snowy lake.



Le Lac Blanc 2353m.


Descending down the snow mountains. I wanted to take my time down but because of the unexpected snowy weather, I had to pick up the pace and try to tail closely to the others.




Soon, the village is in sight.



And the amazing TMB is done!

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