Tour du Mont Blanc Day 7 – La Fouly to Champex

Yesterday night was cold, as usual. Camping out is fun but I only wish that one of these days the temperature would be perfect…

Anyway, I woke up at about 6.45am(reluctantly), brushed and went up to camp reception to get my pre-ordered pain aux raisins. Met the lovely Danish girls in the common area(where they stayed a night bc it was too cold for their bivy) and we set off at about 8.30am.

Today was supposed to be a super chill day, only 15km and 420 height gain, 565 height loss. Pretty flat terrain overall but my body was pretty fatigued. The left thigh muscle has not recovered so it has been difficult going up but even more so on descends.

The old houses of Praz-de-Fort, Les Arlaches and Issert are so cute and rustic. Saw a couple of them with so many garden gnomes in their little gardens. Would love to have a holiday home here someday. It’s like another era stuck in time.

Finally after some further ascend and down, we arrived at Champex, another quiet little town.

Went into the first restaurant I saw while the girls went to make lunch. I had a salad(much craved) and beef lasagne. So oily, but so satisfying. Then the girls joined me and we chilled for a while with some coffee. I couldn’t resist some sweets so I ordered a pear tart. Yum. Soon, Laura joined us and more hikers started to fill the place as well.

Then we went to buy some groceries(breakfast/ lunch) for tomorrow at the supermarche and headed to our campsite (Camping Les Rocailles). The Danish girls headed further to the forest so there’s some shelter from the rain and cold. I had my super long hot shower again. Glad to be able to shower on consequtive days so far. Paid for my camp at CHF 15 and I’m currently hiding from the cold again at La Gentianella. Ordered coffee and a tomato penne. Man the portion is pretty gigantic. Tried to finish but it was too much.

Hahaha. Just as I am writing the blog, the guy from the cafe gave me a free raspberry tarte. Yaaas 😀

Food wise, I’ve been pretty much craving for everything else except for ham and cheese sandwiches. But unfortunately, thats the usual option from supermarkets. Otherwise, eating out is about 20 EUR/CHF per meal.  Time to plan the route for the last few days especially nicer accomodation because I’m tired and a good bed to sleep on will be some great motivation I guess.

Photos of the day (with caption):


Finally some coffee! It was a very chill day in Champex.


Lasagne. Greasy but good.


Eat like a king then live like a hobo at Camping Les Rocailles.


Chocolates and chips for a hiker- trash meal. I also had my leftover Pain au Raisin from camping des glaciers.




How I dry my towel when it’s raining outside.

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