Tour du Mont Blanc Day 4 – Rifugio Elisabetta to Courmayeur

Couldn’t sleep last night cos I was so cold. Pondered taking out my sleeping bag but because I was the last to turn in at like 12am, I was afraid of the noise. So I think I had 4 hours of sleep maybe. Woke up at 6.40am and got ready, packed, and had breakfast(coffee, toast, jam, honey). I really love the dining vibes at this Rifugio Elisabetta. It’s bright, clean, just like a cosy Italian restaurant. I asked the people who worked there if they live in the rifugio and they said yes. I’d thought that they live down the road at Courmayeur. So cool. Makes me wonder how life is like living and working in the mountains.

Chatted with some folks from a Chinese tour group, and also with the German folks. Said goodbye to the french hiker-watercolour painter Gerard (as he was heading to Rifugio Bertone). Seemed like half of the people I know are either going to Courmayeur(me) or Bertone today.

Somehow I always was around the wonderful German hikers who are always so friendly and nice to hang with on trail. I was so far behind from them going up to Mont Favre Spur(2530m) but caught it with them on the descend, which was crazy bc it was continuous switchbacks. My knees… I’m walking like I just ran a 42.195km right now.

I’ve pre-booked a nice hotel stay in the little ski town Courmayeur today, and just had the best hot shower I’ve had in 4 days. Little treat, best decision ever. Kurt and Molly from Oregon are staying here for 2 nights, great respite from the trail. If only I had time too…

Was wandering around the shops here and heard someone calling out to me and saw the Danish girls! So happy to see them again, this time at a pizza place. They just had their pizza which they said was amazing(vegetables, cheese, green apple and nuts combi) so I had to order something to try. Had this super large tomato and sausage pizza with cheese and it tasted so good with the tomato chilli oil which the girls recommended. Of course I didn’t finish it and had to pack half of it back to the hotel.

Chanced upon a couple of small little shops selling cheese, fruits and vegetables and saw huge nectarines that loooked really juicy and delicious. So I bought 2, at only EUR 2.50. Man, in Singapore, it would have been doubled. Also saw a cute shop selling locally made chocolates (“mbchocolat”) and got something the guy recommended. Haven’t tried it yet, hope it doesn’t disappoint. Might bring it to trail tomorrow ebcause I’m still so full from the pizza.

And of course, when in Italy, eat Gelato(after pizza of course). Asked for recommendedations and the guy said “ALL”. lol. Had the peach one(to compare with my current #1 from Black Peak in Wanaka NZ) combined wkth the Dark Chocolate. Somehow… I felt like the one from NZ is better… Haha what can I say. Maybe Courmayeur isn’t quite the place for gelato.

Anyway, my legs are really hurting. Did some DIY laundry just now. Feels so good to wash stuff and make them clean again… The trail is indeed very dusty.

The weather is forecast to be rainy tomorrow. Hope to have an early start tomorrow and get to the Rifugio Bonatti in time.  Looking forward to see familiar faces again! I miss everyone already.

Photos of the day (with caption):


Light breaks in at dawn. I think it was about 7am.



Beautiful Lac Combal and the Aiguille Noire de Peuterey



Soon we started ascending up the mountains


Was glad to have catch up with the German group again!



What I love about the TMB are the little rifuges along the way, providing food and rest when you most need it. This one is Rifugio Maison Vielle, just before descending to Courmayeur.


I’ve read somewhere to try polenta along the TMB. And so I ordered one, together with a glass of coke. Also known as ‘Italian grits’, the serving was huge and I was very satisfied after the meal.


Arrived in the little town of Courmayeur. I was really looking forward to my nice hotel stay.


I didn’t know the pizza would be this huge. It was so delicious with the chilli- tomato-y oil!


So happy to catch up with the Danish girls again!


Beautiful streets. I did a little bit of shopping too! It’s lined with nice cafes and outdoor gear shops.



Took a 30 min walk to hotel Dei Camosci, home for a night!


I stumbled upon a beautiful old chocolate shop and couldn’t leave without getting something. This was delicious.


I love nectarines, and these 2 were quite cheap and very delicious!


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