Swiss Bound

Currently waiting to board my delayed flight to Zurich. This is actually my first encounter of such a thing, and it has caused some distress to my plans as I’ve got a connecting flight to Geneva. Got notified about a couple of hours before I’d wanted to head to the airport. The revised boarding time at 4.30am is… just… dreadful, to be honest.

Hoping now that I will have a smooth transfer later… and then catch the bus to Chamonix, where I’ll be based for the first night in Switzerland! I’m so excited, but it’s the weariness in me right now isn’t quite feeling it. Yet. I need some good shut eye. The amount of research and planning to do this trip has been pretty Much. And I only really got into planning for it about a month ago. Have been sleeping late the past couple of weeks, juggling work and this life.

Looking forward to seeing so much. 

Can’t wait to update with more.

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