Coastal Adventures

We left Botlierskop game reserve on Wednesday noon for Mossel Bay and had our 584713th seafood platter hahha. With this roadtrip being a coastal drive, every meal is made up of seafood selections and I’m totally not complaining! What you get is definitely fresh from the sea and worth the penny. While it was super windy and cold, we saw many surfers catching waves. The coastline was beautiful. I could sit on a rock all day just to stare at the waves.

We arrived in Hermanus late in the night at around 10pm and checked in into Potting Shed B&B, a beautiful little house facing the sea! Really loved the mornings of walking to the boardwalk, staring into the warm morning light.

There are several things to do in Hermanus, and we randomly decided to do quad biking in the vineyards and also up a viewing point overlooking the ocean. Quite exciting to hit the fuel and bump across rocky terrains! After which, we did a the cliff hike along the Hermanus coastline till sunset.

Booked a whale watching tour in the next morning and managed to catch the elusive Southern Right Whales!!! Apart from the whales, the super choppy open sea made the experience so exciting, felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride!

We then left Hermanus for Simon’s Town, with a stop in between at Muizenberg for the courful beach houses! I’ve not seen the ones in Australia before, so it was kind of like a photo frenzy moment for me. We spent about half an hour taking lots of pictures before hitting the road again! I loved the drive from this part as it was so scenic.

The hike to Cape’s Point and Cape of Good Hope was definitely one of my favourites from this trip. We stopped by countless scenic view points and I kept thinking if I was actually in Scotland or something because the landscape felt a little bit like the Highlands… But oh man what am I talking about… South Africa is definitely the only one of its kind! The beastly wind that day was also something to remember. At some points I felt like we were wingsuit flying! Hahha! Amazing!

My trip ended slightly earlier than my dear friends(short of annual leave, bleaurgh), and as I’m writing this I’m already back at home while wishing I was still there for a couple more days! This one week felt so so long and magical. It’s just so incredible. I can’t wait to put up the full post because there are just so many pictures I want to share with you!

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