Walking with Cheetahs, Wilderness Kayaking

On the first morning in Knysna, we did the most amazing and pretty scary activity of walking with a cheetah in Tenikwa National Park. Each of us took turns to walk Duma, our wild friend for the day. It was really quite scary when it was my turn to walk him. Thankfully he was quite docile, and we even managed to take quite a few pictures next to him!

 Sometimes he speeds up and we have to catch up! Sometimes he speeds up and we have to catch up!

After that, we had tea break and continued exploring the park, which is a sanctuary for several cats, such as Servals, Caracals, African Wild Cats, Meerkats, and even a White Lion! The guide took us into their enclosures and we got to see how they live in their wide open habitats.

After lunch, we drove down to Knysna Heads and explored the gorgeous orangey coastal terrain.  I can’t wait to write a proper post with the amazing pictures we took!

On the second day of our roadtrip, we drove to Wilderness and kayaked to the Touw River rockpools.

The highlight of the day was in the noon when we arrived at Botlierskop, our accoms for the night and also did an evening game drive. It felt so surreal to be seeing those animals up close, especially the Lions and Zebras!

We started off day 3 of our road trip with a morning game drive and it was rather fascinating to observe the animals in a different light and time of the day. Currently preparing to continue onwards to Hermanus for some coastal hike. Going to be a longer drive today on highway N2. Can’t wait to update again!

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