New Zealand Post is up! And a random photo post…

I’ve finally put up the amazing 4 days 5 nights trip to South Island in 2014. Go check it!

In July I visited Penang for a weekend getaway, and ate so much till it got reaally uncomfortable(physically and also emotionally no kidding). Nevertheless, it was worth the guilt as every single thing there seemed worthy of our tummies! Had an epic durian buffet as well. I’ll definitely update this trip sooner than the rest as it’s only 3 days long!

I have a couple of upcoming trips to look forward to till the year end, and I cannot wait! This year has been quite epic, being able to escape once every 2 months or so. And also given I am able to manage my finances better after being done with the student loan! Hooray.

Let me just share some random Instagram photos in the meantime, to make up for my tardiness in updating…

1) Loots from my virgin trip to London in 2013. I was probably semi- obsessed with marmalade then…

2) Milky way group shot on Mt John, Tekapo. Had a 100% clear sky that night, with the aurora australis in sight too.

3) Love-hate Timberland boots. I would love it more if I were 1 feet taller. It’s not easy trying to be cool.

4) Living a thug life on Lake Tekapo

5) Missing those moments of freedom at Dome rock in Sequoia.

6) Summer in Yosemite. My favourite touristy place on Earth.

7) Used Facebook while flying through the clouds. It felt almost magical and yes, I think I’ve attained the highest level of being a wifiwhore.

8) Catching 1984 in the London Playhouse Theatre, where I almost got a scare while trying to squeeze into the narrow circle seats, thinking, “Have I gained That much weight???!??!”.

9) I used to think I will never buy into pretty product packaging but then I saw these mini kettle chips in Sainsbury…

10) Such sorcery.

11) Rainbow tie-dye shirts are not tacky

12) A bowl of Juju Dhau with bananas in Bhaktapur, Nepal

13) Random dirt road in California.

14) Filson Wildfowl hat. Beautiful much.

15) My cute travelling gnome.

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