My second Coldplay concert ended about a couple of hours ago… and tonight marks the end of the #ahfod adventure for me. Can’t believe I got second time lucky to get front of stage again despite being noob with the queuing system at Wembley. It has been really really nice to meet so many fans out here who are willing to do so much just to watch the band play.

I loved every single moment tonight, mainly because I got to the front of that long stage, and the band was so so close to us! So hard to pick my favourite part, but I guess Fix You stole it. The classic build up with the electric guitars, with Chris running upwards to the main stage and then leaping up with the fireworks shooting up… and then ‘tears streaming… down your face’… that’s as good as a concert classic from them. So good. It’s was a dream to finally catch them them live. Not forgetting the part where the colourful birds and stars confetti come shooting right up filling the whole sky above us during Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. It was so beautiful.

Quite sad it has ended now, but I’m excited about the next to come!!!!!

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