Adventure of a Lifetime

Currently on my last full day in London, flying back early morning tomorrow, sobs!! This trip to London has been so amazing. Coming back after 3 years, I have new found feeling towards the city. It is way more exciting over here, but I’m starting to see the similarities between London and Singapore where I’m from.  Life, commuting etc. People here can be quite reserved, like Asians. A friend once told me that after spending some time living in England, she realised too, that brits she got to know are generally shy folks. I only spent a couple of days here, and went out on most others. I loved Canterbury! The cathedral was spectacular, and it’s amazing to get to martyrdom where Thomas Beckett was famously murdered. Oxford was amazing too. Went to Cambridge yesterday and stumbled upon the Cambridge Satchel shop!!! What to do, right??? No prizes for guessing but I finally got one! And it’s the Cambridge edition. A bit of a splurge, but it’s leather so it will last forever and therefore an investment for life hahahaha.

This was no ordinary get away from home, but a Coldplay prilgrimage. Haha! Can’t believe I actually saw them live for the first time ever on Wednesday!!! It really really felt like a dream come true. Chris Martin working the stage and jumping around. Feeling the energy in jam-packed Wembley. When the Xylobands lit up in colours. The confetti in the air. Oh my gosh. It was such a special day. I joined a couple of folks in front of the queue at 9am, ran to the doors as fast as we could when it opened at 5pm, ran down the steps and towards the front, it was exhilarating. So so amazing. Of course, the best times always pass us by too fast, then it was time to go home when it ended at 10.30pm.

But I AM BACK HERE AT WEMBLEY AGAIN TODAY!!!  It must be fate that has brought me back to watch them again before the next tour. AND I CANNOT WAIT! 😀

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