I’ve been away for almost 2 months, and updating has been painfully slow. Sorry! I’m currently looking through several pictures I’ve taken about 4 years ago, and really, they make me cringe. I can’t even bear editing them and putting them onto the blog, but those are all I have.

Trying to speed this up and get things going again. Soon I promise!


Paris is up, and so is Edinburgh and Glencoe! Phew, finally the long awaited backlogs. ‘Retro-writing’ a journal is tough.

Up next I’ll finally have the appetite to look at photos from last summer in California and especially dear Yosemite(Can’t wait to be back by the way). Of course, New Zealand 2014/2016 will come very soon too. Can’t wait to go back in time again…..

I’ll be back in London for a week next month. Was researching about hiking up Helvellyn in the Lake District. Unfortunately due to constraints (not in the fittest of health right now) and usual uncertainty about English rain, I guess I have to park this aside for a longer trip next time. Can’t wait to eat all the stuff I’ve been missing! Looking forward to the musicals, plays, (finally)¬†visiting South Downs, and squeezing out these day trips…

  • Canterbury: Cathedral
  • Rye: Small town
  • Cotswolds: Nature
  • Whitstable: Seafood
  • Salisbury: History

 Kernville, California Kernville, California

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