Farewell, but not for long

Currently at the airport waiting for my flight back home. Spent yesterday at the Astro cafe on top of Mt John, at Tekapo, and it was amazing. The last time I was there in early spring, it snowed for a while there and it was so cold! This time round I could sit out for the entire day, and tried their carrot cake. It was so surprisingly delicious, and I think the best carrot cake I’ve ever had! The old English couple beside me bad the blueberry muffin, and the lady kept raving about how delicious that was. Damn, if only I had more space…

Dear NZL I’m going to miss you so much! The past 2 weeks have been amazing, and it felt like a month! I’ve this feeling I’ll be back again (but only because I’m very determined to see so much more :).

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