Wanaka Cycling, Amazing Mt Cook

Spent 2 peaceful nights in Wanaka after Queenstown madness. Had the most delicious cloudy bay clams and tiramisu at an Italian place called Francesca’s. Yum. Oh before I move on, just like to share something about Queenstown again. Very happy to claim that I’ve a better impression of Fergburger, after giving it a second try with the Chief Wiggum, which is a burger with slow roasted pork belly with hashbrowns and mustard sauce. SO GOOD. The pork belly skin was crispy, and it was a huge chunk of it in the burger. Everything in it goes really well together. So yup, I’d strongly recommend everyone to skip the original Ferg, and just dive straight into this rendition. It’s really really good.

Wanaka was very peaceful and relaxing. Spent half the time Cycling around Lake Wanaka, which was beautiful. There were many scenic points along the ride, and I encountered some very windy conditions at night, which felt kind of ‘apocalyptic’. Very nice!

Currently on my second day in Mt Cook, which is out of this world. It rained pretty heavily on my arrival yesterday morning, but I’m thankful it did, because when it stopped in the noon, the sky was so clear and Mt Cook came out of hiding!

The wind was so strong that it blew me off my feet several times. Was super fun.

The landscape is so spectacular, and I wish I’ve more time to spend here. Will definitely be back again.

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