Best day of my life, so far.

Started this morning with a nice easy hike up to the summit of Queenstown hill, at 907m. The elevation was manageable, and I got to see a really nice view of the gorgeous Lake Wakatipu and the town.

Well the next part of my day was truly the highlight of my life so far. I got onto a helicopter and we did a grand circle flight, landing on top of The Remarkables at one point. IT WAS AMAZING.  I kept grinning to myself during flight, just so very happy to be flying around the mountains. LOVE!!! I was in mountains heaven today and I really feel so lucky to have been able to do that, and in that cockpit seat I’ve been praying to get on. I really do. There are 6 seats on the heli including one for the pilot. And there’s only one space for a passenger in the cockpit. We were weighed before flying, so I guess I got lucky with the load balance sheet or something hahaha. Some quick pictures from the a7 for now…

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