Hello World!

So the reason why I decided to start writing a blog is that I wanted a space to document my travels, and also to share my itineraries with my friends. Often after coming back from a trip, I get requests to share my trip itineraries, but often times, I feel like plain text can’t do much justice to what I’ve actually experienced. So I thought putting them in a descriptive and visual format would serve better as a trip guide! So far, I’ve loved every country and place I’ve been to, and I’m more than happy to persuade the people around me to experience the same as I did (or even more!). So I hope people get inspired to go somewhere after reading whatever that’s here..

I actually purchased the domain and setup about a year ago, and started writing on and off. Little did I know that travel writing isn’t a piece of cake at all, and would actually take up so much time. So I started from scratch, ‘retro’ writing on the trips I took, recalling, and referencing based on the pictures I took, and each trip took me about a few days to pen down. On most days, work and other aspects of life took over and I dragged… Okay, procrastinated!

So finally after more than a year… some posts are up. I’ve yet to put up posts on NZ, Europe/UK and my most recent trip to the US. I’ll try to get them out soon! I know my writing needs alot of work, and I don’t proof- read my posts enough! But I sincerely hope the pictures can serve as a distraction…

Till the next post.

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